Testimonials 2

April 2007                                                            Saga Ruby World Cruise

Hi Martyn, Another succesful world cruise completed. The comment cards were once again full of praise for your lectures. The sight of you as the ballerina in the crew show will stick in my mind for some time!! Looking forward to you joining us again later in the year.

                                                                                                       Jane Edwards -Cruise Director 


March 2008                                                  Saga Ruby's Great South American Adventure

Hi Martyn, Great to work with you again on this three month Antarctica & South American Voyage. Your input & efforts during this cruise were most appreciated.

                                                                                                         Jo Boase - Cruise Director


JUNE 2008                                                    QUEEN VICTORIA - V809 BALTIC

[From an e-mail] Hi Martyn, Good to have you sailing with Cunard again. I have to say the passenger comment cards gave you an excellent score, with many additional  written compliments. I'm told the St Peterburg lecture was very well received by a packed theatre.

                                                                        J.Y. Entertainment Planning & Sourcing.

JULY 2008                                                                       NORTH CAPE & NORWEGIAN FJORDS

Dear Martyn, Welcome to Princess Cruises. I have received good reports about your work on the Grand Princess, including your daily appearences on Early Morning TV. We look forward to seeing you on other Princess ships in the not too distant future.

                                                                                                                        R.S. Princess Cruises.

SEPTEMBER 2008                                                            VOYAGE TO VENICE

[From a telephone conversation] Hi Martyn, Thank you for standing in as our Port Lecturer on this cruise to Venice on-board 'Discovery'. The feedback from the ship and the passengers has been positive. As you know we at Voyages of Discovery pride ourselves on the Educational  Element of our cruises, your lectures seemed to have covered this well. We look forward to seeing you again.

                                                                                                                          M.H. Cruise Manager.

JULY & AUGUST 2009                                                    Voyage Over the Top of the World

[From a conversation]  Good to have you back on-board Tahitian Princess so soon after  the succesful 2009 World Cruise. I'm pleased you are with us on this Voyage to the Top of the World.I'm sure our passengers will enjoy your varied pictures and information on Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Canada and of course your home-land the United Kingdom. Welcome back!

                                                                                                                           J.J.K.  Cruise Director.

OCTOBER 2009                                                                 CRYSTAL SYMPHONY NEW ENGLAND & CANADA

[1st part from a conversation]  I'm glad to hear that your presentations include a little History, Geography and Social Aspects of the places we visit as well as information about the Ports of Call and the surrounding region.

[2nd part from a letter]  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution in helping make the last two cruises succesful. It was a pleasure working with you.

                                                                                                                           S.P. Cruise Director.

FEBRUARY 2010                                                              SEABOURN LEGEND             CENTRAL AMERICA

[From a conversation]  The passenger responce to your lecturers was excellant, I have had quite a number of passengers say how much they have enjoyed them.              D.E.G.  Cruise Director.

[From a conversation during disembarcation]  Thank you for your input to the cruise. I have been reading some of the excellent written comments made by passengers about your lectures.   Captain E.L.A.


MAY 2010                                                                         PACIFIC PRINCESS               WORLD CRUISE

[From a conversation Disembarcation Day] Well Martyn, thats another very successfull World Cruise completed. It was great to work with an old friend again, and, as ever, your Port Lecturers were very well accepted. It is true to say I have rarely seen such a number of complimentary letters from passengers praising the quality and content of your lectures. I hope we work together again in the not too distant future.

                                                                                                                                J.J.K. Cruise Director


FEBRUARY 2011                                                                 QUEEN ELIZABETH                 MAIDEN VOYAGE & MAIDEN WORLD CRUISE

Welcome back on-board to the Maiden World Cruise of the Queen Elizabeth. Having been our Destination Lecturer on the Maiden Voyage back in October of last year you are one of the few people I know that can say you have already worked on all four Cunard Queens ! We look forward to your comprehensive Destination Lectures throughout the coming weeks.

                                                                                                                                   A.G. Entertainments Director.

FEBRUARY 2011                                                                  QUEEN ELIZABETH

[Extract from a passengers letter] Martyn, I think of myself as a well seasoned cruiser, I have been on more cruises that I care to count. This is the third time I have been a passeneger on a Cruise Ship where you have been the Port Lecturer. I like your style and content you put into your talks, it must take you many hours to compile each lecturer. I would rate you, without hestitation, as the best on the high seas !!

                                                                                                                                   Regards, Mr A. Cohen

MAY 2011                                                                           GRAND PRINCESS    AP1110-AP1111-AP1113-AP1114

Welcome back to the Grand Princess, on this first voyage after our major refit. I was so pleased that we had someone who was experienced in the role of Port/Destination Lecturer on this important cruise, as we crossed the Atlantic, then made our visits to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. It was evident from the fact that our huge theatre was filled to capacity for your lectures that your talks were well appreciated. The number of verbal & written comments from passengers, all singing your praises, were much higher than the norm. We all look forward to you returning later in the summer for our Mediterranean Season.

                                                                                                                          Martyn Moss       Cruise Director

MAY 2012                                                                           SILVER WHISPER
Great to see you once again. With only one sea day at the start of the cruise I was pleased you could fit in a lecture on all eight ports of call. From passenger reactions, and the high numbers attending your lectures, your talks were very well recieved, even though we had to schedule some of them for 'Sail-Away' times.
                                                                                                                           A.K.  Cruise Director

APRIL 2013                                                                         SEABOURN PRIDE
It was great to cruise with you again. Your lectures on Egypt, both Luxor & Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids of Giza & Sakkara were very well received, as was your talk on Aqaba. It was good to see a full lounge and to receive good feedback from the passengers.
                                                                                                                          J.S.   Cruise Director

MAY 2013                                                                             SEABOURN SPIRIT
Thank you for all your efforts. With only the one sea-day and the lectures at unusual times it was good to see so many passengers appreciated your well illustrated talks. Both your 'Live' talks, first, as we entered the Corinth Canal & later the Dardanelles, went down very well, it was surprising how many passengers came to listen at 7.30pm when Dinner was being served!

                                                                                                                            S.G.  Cruise Director

OCT  2014                                                                            SEABOURN ODDYSSEY
Thank you for your contribution to this cruise on our way to Mumbai, lectures are all important on those long sea days! I have had both verbal & written compliments about the mass of information you fit into your 45 minute lectures.
                                                                                                 John C.D.        

JUNE 2015                                                                             SEABOURN QUEST      
Great to see you back on-board again. In the Baltic a good Destination Lecturer is most important, with a double overnight in St Peterburg our guests need to be able to plan their time. Your lecture on St Petersburg was so packed with information and photo's I'm sure it helped our guests make the most of our time in that great city. Your lectures on the rest of the ports have brought good comments from of our guests. Thank you for your input.

                                                                                                  C.D. H.C.                                      

MAY 2016                                                      Mv ROTTERDAM
With many more sea-days than ports of call I was a little concerned as to what your other lectures would be about. Your varied selection of 'None Port' lectures were very well received. I had good comments on the lecture about Concorde, and our American guests were facinated by the talks on 'The City of London' and 'The City of Westminster' Thank you for all your efforts.

                                                                                               Events Manager B. F-S.

JULY 2016                                                       SEABOURN QUEST
Great to see you back again, once I saw you were to be our Destination Lecturer I was happy our guests would be getting up to date information, with a local twist, for our ports in Norway. With some of the calls being made to such small locations I am always amazed as to where you find so many interesting snipitts of local information! Your photographs really do give an advanced look at the amazing views the guests will encounter as we traverse the fjords.

         C.D.  H.P.

MAY 2017   Viking Sea Viking Homelands: Martyn went above and beyond in presenting, not only the lectures that were originally scheduled, but he also presented an additional lecture on St. Petersburg and put together the commentary for Kronstadt on our departure from St Petersburg. Very much appreciated.                            Cruise Director Ray Michaels.


OCTOBER 2017 Seabourn Encore. (Conversation with passengers, who gave verbal permission to place this on my website). My wife and I have done over thirty cruises, quite a number of them with Seabourn. We can honestly say you are the best Destination Speaker we have ever heard. Your very clear, and very English, accent is easy to understand. It is evident in the multitude of facts and interesting anecdotes you pass on that you love your work and must spend many hours preparing you lectures.               Mr & Mrs R.D. Colorado, USA.